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ProTek-USA’s Mission

ProTek-USA’s is committed to providing the highest quality of innovative, energy-saving, eco-friendly protective coatings, as well as superior technical assistance and customer service.

ProTek-USA is committed to ongoing research and development to ensure that our customers will continue to receive the latest technology in energy-saving, environmentally-friendly  coatings for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  

Company Profile

Established in 1991, ProTek-USA, LLC initially specialized in providing high-tech industrial coatings to the aeronautical and marine industry. These products included coatings utilizing newly developed ceramic technology to control heat transfer and condensation.

With increasing energy costs for heating and air-conditioning, a line of energy –saving, reflective, insulating protective coatings was developed for exterior and interior residential and commercial applications.

Among the first to have their coatings tested by independent laboratories for both REFLECTIVITY and EMISSIVITY (the new standards for “Cool Roof” materials), ProTek-USA was ideally suited for and became a Partner in the EPA ENERGY STAR ROOF PRODUCTS Program.

ProTek-USA’s commitment to ongoing research and development assures that its line of  CRICS(SM) - Ceramic Reflective Insulating Coating Systems – will continue to provide highest quality and best value for protective coatings for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA. Products are marketed through Exclusive Distributors, as well as Dealers and Large Contractors who share ProTek-USA’s commitment to quality and superior customer service.


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